Which city/area did you begin playing out? In JoHANNESBURG
Where have you played since? JHB, Durban & Cape Town
Where have you play now? Cape Town
Are you:
- A two deck A-to-B DJ- Yes
What is your primary style? Latino House, DEEP HOUSE & Electro House
What are your one or two secondary styles? RNB, COMMERCIAL & 80's
How do you generally interact with the crowd? 
- I like to connect with those on the DANCE FLOOR
Your ideal fan:
- Cares most about having a good time
- Cares most about the music

Your ideal Venue:

- Large, high profile venue
- underground and cutting edge
- A filthy rave
- House party
What's your goal for every gig you play? Make the peoples to sweat and have the best time ever.
What's biggest compliment a clubber has ever paid you? That he/she never danced and has so much fun in the entire life!
What's the worst feedback you could get from a clubber? Please play other type of music…
Your BIG TUNES are:
- tunes people might have heard before
- tunes people might hear in the future when they blow up
- tunes people will probably only ever hear from you because you had to dig like hell to find them.

this is me, pablo tomei (dj el fuego) from argentina